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Database Normalization Example

By December 19, 2010

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In a recent forum message, Tbruwer wrote:

"I am having a problem understanding how database normalization works. I have an example database table from excel with the following fields, which i need to normalize. I just cannot seem to figure it out though.

Table def is as follows:


Any help on what the database would look like normalised will be highly appreciated."

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December 30, 2010 at 6:17 am
(1) Daniel Rosenthal says:

First Normal Form: database fields (columns) must contain only a single value, not an array of values.

Second Normal Form: the table must be in first normal form
AND each database attribute must depend on a primary
key, only on a primary key, and if the primary key consists
of more than one field, on all fields in the primary key.

Third Normal Form: the table must be in second normal
form and must contain no transitive dependencies, i.e.
fields which can be derived from other fields, e.g. by
adding or multiplying two other fields in the table.

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