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Data Definition Language - Create, Use, Alter, Drop - About Databases
Once you've created a table within a database, you may wish to modify the definition of it. The ALTER command allows you to make changes to the structure of a ...
Access Controls in SQL - Granting Permissions - About Databases
These can be either table-level permissions (such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE) or database permissions (such as CREATE TABLE, ALTER ...
What is SQL? Introduction to the Structured ... - About Databases
DDL commands modify the actual structure of a database, rather than the database's contents. Examples of commonly used DDL commands include those used ...
Change a Column Name in MySQL - PHP/MySQL - About.com
How to change the name of a column in a MySQL database. ... You rename a column in MySQL using alter table and change. Let's say our column is currently  ...
Using ADO .NET - Changing Databases - About Visual Basic
In Part 3 of this series, we reported values from a database in ListBox objects ... To customize your program after using a wizard, you just have to modify what the  ...
Alter Table in MySQL Command Examples - PHP/MySQL - About.com
How to use the MySQL alter table command, and what to combine it with to do different things to your database.
Modifying Tables - About Databases
We can use the ALTER TABLE command to add this attribute to our existing database. We want to store the salary as an integer value. The syntax is quite similar ...
SQL Drop Column Command - PHP/ MySQL
How to remove (drop) a column from a table using MySQL with your SQL database. ... alter table icecream drop column flavor; This removes the column " flavor" ...
Drop Column Command in MySQL Database
Nov 15, 2006 ... You can remove an entire column from a MySQL database by using the drop column command. This also removes all data from the column ...
UNIQUE Constraints in Microsoft SQL Server - About Databases
ALTER TABLE ADD CONSTRAINT ... Expand the Tables folder of the database where you wish to create the constraint.
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