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MySQL Databases - About.com
Looking for a freeware database solution for your small business? MySQL provides a surprisingly robust feature set without the price tag of commercial products.
Introduction to MySQL - Databases - About.com
MySQL may be for you! Once the refuge of geeky hackers, MySQL is now a well- respected product that is more than capable of commercial operation. In fact, the  ...
Installing MySQL on Windows 8 (Slideshow Tutorial) - Databases
The MySQL database server is one of the most popular open source databases in the world. Although administrators typically install MySQL on a server ...
Learn MySQL with free online tutorials - PHP/MySQL - About.com
MySQL is a relational database and a powerful online tool for storing important information and delivering that information back to your website on demand.
Learn MySQL Basics Tutorial - PHP/MySQL - About.com
MySQL is the most popular online database. It can be used as a stand alone database, or used as a back-end for your PHP based website. Using a database of ...
MySQL - Back to School - PHP/MySQL - About.com
Get a head start on learning MySQL before school starts!
Connecting to a MySQL database from PHP
How to connect to your MySQL database from a PHP file.
Running MySQL commands from PHP - PHP/MySQL - About.com
How to connect to MySQL from a PHP file and execute commands.
MySQL Commands - MySQL Code - SQL Commands - PHP/MySQL
Information about all of the available MySQL commands, and what each does.
PHP and MySQL Basics and Tutorials
Learn PHP and MySQL from simple web based tutorials, example code, and pre- made programs. PHP can interact with MySQL databases and run on HTML or ...
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