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Area Code Database


This free Access database of area codes provides database designers with a valuable tool to assist in mapping area codes to a state, province or region.

The database itself is quite simple. It consists of a single table named Area Codes that contains two fields:
  • Area Code is the three digit area code for the region.
  • Region is a description of the region. For locations within the United States and Canada, it is the accepted two-letter postal abbreviation for the region. For other locations and non-geographic area codes (such as those reserved for toll-free calls), it contains a description of the area code's use
Download Link: You may download the database in Microsoft Access format.

Terms of Use: Area code data is in the public domain. However, this Access database is copyright 2007, Mike Chapple. You may use it for personal or business use, but you may not redistribute this file to others without written permission.
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