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ZIP Code Database

Match ZIP Codes to City, State, Latitude and Longitude


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This free Access database of ZIP codes provides database designers with a valuable tool to assist in mapping ZIP codes to a city/state pair and even provides the latitude and longitude of that location. The database contains three tables: the ZIP Code table, the Class table and the State table.

The ZIP Code table contains six fields:
  • ZIP Code is the five digit ZIP code and is the primary key of this table.
  • Latitude is the latitude of the location, to five decimal places.
  • Longitude is the longitude of the location, to five decimal places.
  • Class is the class of the ZIP code. This field is a foreign key to the Class table.
  • City is the name of the post office serving this ZIP code.
  • State Code is the two-digit state code, as defined by the Federal Information Processing Standards. It is a foreign key to the States table
The States table contains three fields:
  • State Code is the two-digit state code, as defined by the Federal Information Processing Standards.
  • State Abbreviation is the commonly accepted postal abbreviation for the state.
  • State Name is the full name of the state.
The Class table contains two fields:
  • Class is the one character class code.
  • Descripton is a text field describing the class in further detail.
I’ve added a query, “Show All ZIP Codes” which lists the city and state pair associated with each ZIP code for your reference. You may wish to build additional queries for your specific needs.

Download Link:You may download the database in Microsoft Access format.

Terms of Use: This Access database is copyright 2006, Mike Chapple. You may use it for personal or business use, but you may not redistribute this file to others without written permission.

Important Note: The ZIP code data in this database was obtained from the 1999 United States Census. As a product of the Census Bureau, it is in the public domain. You should understand that 1999 was the last year that the Census Bureau produced this data, so there are no more recent updates. If you wish to obtain a more current file, you may purchase a commercial product from the Postal Service.
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