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Data Mining and Data Warehousing

Data Warehouses and Data Mining techniques are becoming indispensable parts of business intelligence programs. Use these links to learn more about these emerging fields and keep on top of this trend.

k-means Clustering
k-means clustering is a data mining/machine learning algorithm used to cluster observations into groups of related observations without any prior knowledge of those relationships. The k-means algorithm is one of the simplest clustering techniques and it is commonly used in medical imaging, biometrics and related fields.

What is clustering? Learn more about this data mining term here!

Facts vs. Dimensions
Facts and dimensions form the core of any business intelligence effort. These tables contain the basic data used to conduct detailed analyses and derive business value. In this article we take a look at the development and use of facts and dimensions for business intelligence.

What is regression? Learn more about this data mining term here.

What is classification? Learn about this data mining term here.

Data Mining: An Introduction
Data mining allows you to find the needles hidden in your haystacks of data. Learn how to use these advanced techniques to meet your business objectives.

Data Mining: An Introduction
An introductory look at the data mining/knowledge discovery field from your Databases Guide. You'll find an introduction to the terms and techniques unique to machine learning and, as always, the best links on the Net!

Data Sources for Knowledge Discovery
Do you have a great data mining idea that you'd like to try out, but you just can't find any appropriate data? Want to experiment with the new KD package your office just received? Check out these data sources for some test data.

Electronic Statistics Textbook
This great resource from StatSoft, Inc. provides clear, illustrated explanations of the statistical techniques that form the basis of modern data mining.

Introduction to Data Mining
Not sure what the data mining buzz is all about? Pilot Software offers a white paper providing a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and applications of data mining.

Knowledge Discovery Nuggets
KDnuggets is the Net's most comprehensive KD/Data Mining site. You'll find a wealth of information ranging from jobs in the field to recent publications.

Protecting the Warehouse
Security issues are often neglected in the implementation of data warehouses. This article from DM Direct outlines the basic principles of data warehouse security.

What is an Analytics Database?
Analytics databases are optimized to be used for retrieval, aggregation, tabulation, dissemination, and analytics, under the general banner of business intelligence (BI). They deliver benefits in a BI environment because they are designed for high performance in this environment, whereas an online transaction processing (OLTP)-oriented database...

Understanding Data Warehousing Strategically
How does Data Warehousing relate to your business strategy? This white paper discusses the potential relationships.

Business Intelligence
Embarking upon a business intelligence initiative is a major d…

Fact Table
What is a fact table in business intelligence? Find out in the About Databases Glossary!

Fact Table
What is a fact table in business intelligence? Find out in the About Databases Glossary!

Finding data scientists is not easy. Demand for data scientists has grown alongside the popularity of big data and the technologies that allow companies to scale more easily – out, instead of up – and with less effort.

Choosing a Business Analytics Solution

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