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FoxPro Programming Language

Microsoft’s FoxPro programming language caters to database developers. Check out this collection of the best FoxPro links on the Net from your About.com Guide to Databases!

Create Webtastic Data Apps with Visual FoxPro 6.0

Microsoft Internet Developer magazine offers an introductory look at the web/database integration features VFP brings to the developer's toolkit.

Microsoft Visual FoxPro Datasheet

Get the straight scoop on Visual FoxPro from Microsoft. This datasheet provides an overview of the new features in version 6.0 including the Windows 2000 Readiness Kit and ActiveX integration.

ReFox Decompiler

Did you lose your FoxPro source code? The ReFox decompiler allows you to regenerate FoxPro source code from an executable file. A demo version is available at this website.

SQL SELECT Tips for FoxPro

SQL SELECT is one of the most versatile command available to Visual FoxPro programmers. This article points out several pitfalls and performance tips.

UserQ FoxPro Query and Reporting

UserQ is a complete, user-defined, ad-hoc query and reporting tool for use with the FoxPro development environment. Full evaluation copies are available upon request.

VFP Productivity Boosters

This resource lists 18 productivity-enhancing tips for Visual FoxPro developers. This quick read is a great resource for beginning and experienced programmers alike.

Visual FoxPro Frequently Asked Questions

This collection of FoxPro FAQs originated from the Visual FoxPro User's Group. It is designed to answer the common questions most beginners ask as they tackle VFP development.
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