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Oracle Databases

Oracle’s database products are among the most popular in the world today. Check out this collection of links from your About.com Guide to Databases for the best Oracle resources on the Net!

What is PL/SQL? Find out in the About Databases glossary!

Book Review: Expert One-on-One Oracle
Tom Kyte's book on Oracle programming techniques and solutions is a must-have for serious Oracle developers.

Oracle 8i Security Vulnerabilities
Security researchers recently announced the discovery of two flaws in Oracle 8i. Find out how to protect your system.

Oracle Restructures Pricing
In an effort to compete with Microsoft and IBM, Oracle recently annouced drastic changes in their pricing structure. Get the details!

Top 5 Oracle Reference Books
Looking for an Oracle reference book? Here are the top five books in the category.

Getting Started with Oracle Security
This article provides a seven-step process for adding security to your Oracle database applications.

Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)
Oracle now offers Real Application Clusters, a technology known as Oracle RAC. This "shared-everything" approach breaks the one database/one server paradigm and allows a single database to run across multiple servers. Cache fusion technology ensures that changes are reflected across all servers to ensure database consistency.

Creating Virtual Private Databases in Oracle
Oracle contains several security features that allow database administrators to achieve greater control over their information. In this article you'll learn how to implement a Virtual Private Database.

Orac Database Administration Tool
Orac provides a suite of database administration tools for users of Oracle, Sybase and Informix products. This freeware program is distributed under the GNU Public License.

Oracle and XML
Steve Muench of O'Reilly provides a brief introduction to XML technology and the Oracle DBMS. This site also includes the full text of a book chapter on the subject.

Oracle FAQ
The DBASupport.com site offers a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions about the Oracle family of database products.

Oracle Replication FAQ
Orafaq.com provides an informative listing of frequently asked questions on the replication capabilities of Oracle databases.

Oracle's official website offers a comprehensive look at the company's product line along with product support, case studies and implementation assistance.

Running Oracle on FreeBSD
Looking for a FreeBSD database solution? This article provides a step-by-step tutorial on installing Oracle 8 for Linux on a FreeBSD system.

Underground Oracle FAQ
An unoffical, but surprisingly complete, set of frequently asked questions about Oracle products and the Oracle corporation.

Using Oracle Global Database Links
Jonathan Gennick of O'Reilly Books demonstrates how global database links can simplify your multi-server Oracle environment.

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