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Postgres and Ingres Databases

Postgres and INGRES are open-source database products brought to us by the database research group at UC Berekely. These links provide the best resources on the Net!

Evaluating PostgreSQL for a Production Environment
Jurgen Defurne evaluates the potential for postgreSQL to function in a production database server capacity. He makes comparsions between this free product and several commercial solutions.

Get PostgreSQL
Looking for a copy of PostgreSQL? Follow this link for your free download or order a CD-ROM subscription for a nominal fee.

Ingres Frequently Asked Questions
This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list covers a number of topics related to the installation, configuration and management of the Ingres database management system.

Installing Ingres II
This document helps install the Ingres II Relational Database Management System on Linux. It covers the setup of both the free Software Development Kit and the full version of Ingres.

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver
Are you a Java developer looking to work with PostgreSQL Databases? This web site provides the downloadable JDBC drivers, source code and frequently asked questions.

PostgreSQL Tutorial
The PostgreSQL Development Team offers a comprehensive PostgreSQL tutorial guiding new users through setup, the relational model, SQL and database interaction.

Short History of Postgres
Wondering how it all got started? This article traces the development of the Postgres DBMS in 1986 at UC Berkeley through Postgres95 to the modern PostgreSQL system.

User Support Mailing List
This mailing list provides ageneral discussion area for users interested in the administration, compilation and installation of PostgreSQL.

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