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Installing the Northwind Sample Database in Microsoft Access 2010


MIcrosoft Access 2010
Microsoft Corporation
The Northwind database contains some great sample tables, queries, reports and other database features. Here's how to install it in Microsoft Access 2010
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Open Microsoft Access 2010
  2. On the New tab (opened by default when you start Access), select Sample Templates under the Available Templates section.
  3. Click on Northwind.
  4. On the right side of the screen, provide a filename for your Northwind database in the File Name textbox.
  5. Click the Create button. Access will download the Northwind database from Microsoft and prepare your copy. This may take a few minutes.
  6. Your database will open automatically when it is ready.

What You Need

  • Microsoft Access 2010
  • Active Internet connection
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