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Structured Query Language (SQL)

The Structured Query Language (SQL) forms the backbone of most modern database systems. These links provide the best resources on the Net for neophytes and expert database administrators alike!
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What is SQL?
The Structured Query Language (SQL) is the set of instructions used to interact with a relational database. In fact, SQL is the only language that most databases actually understand. Whenever you interact with such a database, the software translates your commands (whether they are mouse clicks or form entries) into SQL statement that the...

Structured Query Language Frequently Asked Questions
Looking for advice on using the Structured Query Language? The About Databases SQL FAQ provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about SQL and databases.

SQL Fundamentals
Would you like to learn SQL? This tutorial will introduce you to the basics.

Creating Databases and Tables in SQL
Just getting started with the Structured Query Language? This tutorial walks you through the process of creating tables and databases in SQL databases.

SQL Fundamentals
The Structured Query Language provides the foundation for all relational database systems. Join us as we explore the fundamental concepts behind this powerful language.

The DISTINCT keyword in SQL allows you to select only those records that contain unique values for the columns requested in a SELECT statement. Duplicate values are ignored and only displayed once.

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