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Learning SQL


The Structured Query Language (SQL) forms the backbone of all relational databases. This language offers a flexible interface for databases of all shapes and sizes and is used as the basis for all user and administrator interactions with the database.
  1. Introducing SQL
  2. Retrieving Data
  3. Manipulating Databases

Introducing SQL

Learning SQL is an important step in developing your database skills. In this section, you'll learn the basics of the Structured Query Language and discover resources helpful to advance your skills

Retrieving Data

Once you have your data in a SQL database, it's important to know how to retrieve it properly. In this section, you'll learn how to retrieve data with basic SELECT statements. You'll also discover how you can leverage the power of SQL to perform advanced table joins and other complex queries.

Manipulating Databases

The Data Manipulation Language (DML) is a subset of SQL allowing you to manipulate the underlying structure of your database. In this section, you'll learn how to create databases and tables, delete data from your database and understand the complexities of NULL values.

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