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Other SQL Server Data Types


Other data types allow for the storage of unique identifiers, cursors, tables and XML.

Data types in the binary category include:
  • cursor variables store references to cursors used for database operations. A table may not contain a cursor variable.
  • sql_variant variables store up to 8,000 bytes of data from any SQL Server data type other than varchar(max), nvarchar(max), text, image, sql_variant, varbinary(max), xml, ntext and timestamp.
  • table variables store temporary tables used during database operations. SQL Server database tables may not contain variables of type table.
  • xml variables store XML formatted data. They may store a maximum of 2 gigabytes.
  • uniqueidentifier variables store 16-bit globally unique identifiers. They may be instantiated with a new GUID using the NEWID function.
If these data types don’t suit your needs, read more about other SQL Server data types.
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