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SQL Server Security

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SQL Server Security

SQL Server Security

The Bottom Line

SQL Server Security by Chip Andrews, David Litchfield and Bill Grindlay offers practical security advice with a hands-on perspective. It's ideal for SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000 administrators of all experience levels.
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  • Clearly written, practical advice on securing your SQL Server
  • Covers both SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000
  • Written by recognized experts in database security


  • Several chapters get into deep technical detail
  • Book does not come with a CD containing the code examples


  • The book provides step-by-step techniques to resolve each security issue described.
  • Code samples are provided where necessary to illustrate attacks or offer countermeasures.
  • Checklists in the rear of the book provide an easy way to quickly get the most bang for your buck.

Guide Review - SQL Server Security

SQL Server Security is an outstanding addition to the bookshelf of any database and/or informations security profession that has occasion to work with Microsoft SQL Server. It fully documents the flaws and vulnerabilities that exist in this powerful relational database engine and offers concrete, practical suggestions that address each. The book includes ten chapters packed full of guidance. The first, SQL Server Security: The Basics, covers the history of SQL Server and database security. Chapter 2, Under Siege: How SQL Server Is Hacked, provides an introduction into the mind of the malicious intruder. The third chapter provides guidance on the secure installation of SQL Server. The remaining chapters each cover a specific security topic: Network-Libraries and Secure Connectivity, Authentication and Authorization, SQL Server in the Enterprise, Auditing and Intrusion Detection, Data Encryption, SQL Injection, and Secure Architectures.
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