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How To Print Mailing Labels in Microsoft Access 2010


How To Print Mailing Labels in Microsoft Access 2010

One of the most common uses of a database is generating mass mailings. In this tutorial, we examine the process of creating mailing labels using Microsoft Access using the built-in Label Wizard. We begin with a database containing the address data and walk you step-by-step through the process of creating and printing your mailing labels.

Note: These instructions are for Access 2010. If you are using a different version of Microsoft Access, read Printing Mailing Labels in Microsoft Access 2010 or Printing Mailing Labels in Microsoft Access 2013.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Open the Access database containing the address information you wish to include in your labels.
  2. Using the Navigation Pane, select the table that contains the information you wish to include on your labels. If you do not wish to use a table, you may also select a report, query or form.
  3. On the Create tab, click the Labels button in the Reports group.
  4. When the Label Wizard opens, select the style of labels you wish to print and click Next.
  5. Choose the font name, font size, font weight and text color you would like to appear on your labels and click Next.
  6. Using the > button, place the fields you wish to appear on the label on the prototype label. When finished, click Next to continue.
  7. Choose the database field you'd like Access to sort based upon. After you select the appropriate field, click Next.
  8. Choose a name for your report and click Finish.
  9. Your label report will then appear on the screen. Preview the report to ensure that it is correct. When satisfied, load your printer with labels and print the report.


  1. You may wish to sort your labels by ZIP code to meet postal bulk mailing regulations.
  2. Check your label package for instructions if you're having trouble finding the appropriate label format.

What You Need:

  • Database with address information
  • Labels
  • Access 2010
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