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Adding Splash Screens to Access
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Looking for that extra special effect to give your database project a professional flair?  Why not add a custom-designed splash screen to enhance the look and feel of your database?

Users of Microsoft Access are very familiar with the standard Access splash screen.  Chances are you see it every day when you open your database projects.  Here's the version displayed for users of Access 2000:

Wouldn't it be great if you could replace this image with one of your own choosing?  That simple modification has much more than just a "gee-whiz" effect.  It increases the sense of ownership you have over the database projects you create and can increase your stature within your organization.

You'll be surprised how simple it is to implement this interesting feature.  In fact, the most time-consuming step is the actual design of your graphic.  If you're a whiz with Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, or another graphic editing program, you should be able to whip something up in no time.  On the other hand, if you're artistically challenged like me, you might want to stick to a simple design or throw together some images from your collection.  

Let's try an example.  Suppose I have an Access database storing the links present on the About Databases site.  As you're probably aware, Access stores your database in an MDB file.  If you browse your hard disk, you'll find it stored as "FILENAME.MDB".  I did this and discovered that my database was stored as "ABOUT.MDB".  

Next, I opened up PaintShop Pro (my graphics package of choice) and swiped some images from the About Databases masthead.  Here's my amateur attempt at a splash screen:

The next step is to save the image as a Windows Bitmap file.  The exact steps to do this will depend upon your graphics package, but will most likely involve choosing "Save As" from the File menu and selecting the Bitmap or Windows Bitmap filetype from a pull-down menu.  Give the file the same name as your database, but with a .BMP extension instead of the .MDB extension.  In my case, I'll call it "ABOUT.BMP".  Next, save the file in the same directory as your Access database.

Close Access and reopen it by double-clicking on your .MDB file.  You should now see your custom splash screen instead of the Microsoft Access opening screen!

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