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Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access 2010 Database


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Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access 2010 Database

Sample Excel Database

Mike Chapple
After sending out your holiday cards last year, did you make yourself a promise that you would organize your address list to make the process easier next year? Do you have a huge Excel spreadsheet that you can't make heads or tails of? Maybe your address book looks something like the one shown in the file below. Or, perhaps, you keep your address book on (gasp!) scraps of paper.

It's time to make good on that promise to yourself -- organize your contact list into a Microsoft Access database. It's much easier than you may imagine and you'll definitely be pleased with the results. This tutorial will walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

If you don't have your own spreadsheet and want to follow along with the tutorial, you can download the sample Excel file used to generate the tutorial.

Note: This tutorial is for Access 2010. If you are using Access 2010, read Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access 2007 Database. If you are using Access 2013, read Converting Excel to an Access 2013 Database.
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