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Designing Data Access Pages


Over the past few weeks we've examined two techniques for publishing Access database information to the web: Static HTML pages and dynamic web pages. Both of these techniques provided database administrators the capability to share the information in their databases with web clients. However, neither of these techniques allowed web users to manipulate the database itself. Previously, creating interactive database applications for the Internet required advanced programming skills and knowledge of specialized database access libraries. With the release of Access 2000, Microsoft broke down those barriers with the implementation of data access page technology. These pages can be created in a matter of minutes through the use of a simple wizard and published on your existing web server. Once they're live, Internet users will be able to access your data and make modifications to your database through their web browser. One note before we get started... Data Access Pages can only be created using Access 2000 (or later) and can only be viewed by users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (or later). That said, let's get started! We'll create a data access page that will enable employees in your Human Resources department to modify personnel records through their web browsers. As in our previous tutorials, we'll be using the Northwind sample database. If you haven't installed it already, follow these simple instructions.
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