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Using Expression Builder in Microsoft Access 2007


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Getting Started
Expression Builder Icon

Expression Builder Icon

Mike Chapple
Have trouble remembering function names or arguments in Microsoft Access? We all do! Access' Expression Builder is a great tool that walks you through the process of creating expressions for your forms, tables, reports and queries while keeping a handy reference at your fingertips. You can find additional assistance with Access functions by visiting our Microsoft Access Function Library.

You can use Expression Builder anyplace that Access expects you to enter an expression. Access indicates these locations by displaying the "..." icon, as shown in the figure above. To begin our step-by-step walk-through of Expresion Builder, activate it by clicking one of those icons. If you're having trouble finding one, try accessing the Default Value property of a table field.

NOTE: The images in this tutorial are from Microsoft Access 2007. If you are using Access 2010, read Using Expression Builder in Access 2010.
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